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100 Sudoku Niveau Facile: 100 Grilles De Sudoku Pour Adulte Niveau Débutant | Casse-Tête Pour Adultes | Sudoku Gros Caractères | Avec Solutions | Grand Format A4 PDF Books

100 Sudoku Niveau Facile: 100 Grilles De Sudoku Pour Adulte Niveau Débutant | Casse-Tête Pour Adultes | Sudoku Gros Caractères | Avec Solutions | Grand Format A4

Vous cherchez un livre de sudoku pour vous divertir ? Alors n'hesitez plus !

Details du livre :

? 100 sudoku niveau facile/debutant

? 1 sudoku par page

? Gros caracteres

? Grand format A4 (21,59cm x 27,94cm)

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Pretty (Femme Fox Book 1) (English Edition) PDF Books

Pretty (Femme Fox Book 1) (English Edition)


I won’t be another straight man’s secret.

It’s hard to plan the perfect wedding for your best friend when you can’t keep your eyes off the groom's cousin. Cole’s perfect—except for one thing: he’s as straight as the last man who broke my heart.

Or so I thought.

But Cole’s hands and lips tell another story. Still, we’ve got a problem—he’s supposed to marry a woman. There’s no ring on his finger, but if he doesn’t follow his father’s orders, it’ll cost him one hell of an inheritance. If Cole decides to keep our time together hidden, we won’t be hearing any wedding bells.

I can’t bring him out of the closet, but I won’t meet him in it, either.


It’s all or nothing for Taylor.

I spent my whole life thinking I was straight—until I set eyes on my cousin’s wedding planner. Taylor’s as gorgeous as he is male, and even though seeing a man this way is new for me, when we wind up in bed together he feels right.

He’s too important to keep secret.

But I don’t know what’ll happen if word gets out about us. My father’s a powerful man, and he’s got a match lined up for me—a female one, at that. Coming out to him isn’t something I had in the cards. If I choose Taylor, I’ll be putting my inheritance and my family’s business on the line.

If I have to keep Taylor a secret, I can’t keep him at all.

This is the first book in the Femme Fox series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

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Le livre d'Or de mes 48 ans: Décoration pour le 48ème anniversaire - 48 ans - Cadeaux d'anniversaire pour hommes ou femmes - Livre pour les félicitations et photos des invités PDF Books

Le livre d'Or de mes 48 ans: Décoration pour le 48ème anniversaire - 48 ans - Cadeaux d'anniversaire pour hommes ou femmes - Livre pour les félicitations et photos des invités

Un livre d'or exceptionnel pour le 48eme anniversaire

Les 48 ans on ne les fete qu'une fois dans la vie! Vous prevoyez la grande fete d'anniversaire pour bientot? Quoi de plus beau que de pouvoir garder les felicitations et les souvenirs des plus proches dans un livre d'or pendant la celebration du 48eme anniversaire?

Ce livre d'or pour le 48eme anniversaire est un tres bon moyen pour rassembler les souvenirs, les felicitations et les moments amusants. Le livre est ideal pour offrir ou comme decoration pour la salle de ceremonie. Il peut etre place par exemple a la table d'entree pendant la celebration. Le livre d'or complete la decoration d'anniversaire et permet aux invites de s'immortaliser avec de nombreux souhaits pour la personne qui fete son anniversaire.

Qu'est-ce qui rend ce livre d'or si special?

  • La premiere page peut etre personnalisee avec le nom de la personne concernee.
  • Les tres belles pages donnent l'occasion a 40 invites d'y inscrire leurs noms, leurs felicitations, leurs souvenirs et leurs voeux d'anniversaire.
  • Apres la fete, vous avez la possibilite de coller les plus belles photos des invites sur chaque page a cote de leurs souhaits. Grace a un appareil photo instantane vous pouvez le faire directement pendant la celebration. Ce livre d'or est un merveilleux album souvenir, qui rendra encore beaucoup de plaisir apres de nombreuses annees.
  • Format rectangulaire pratique (env. 21 cm x 21 cm), avec couverture souple-brillante et couleurs vives.

Les livres d'or d'anniversaire Better Notes sont parfaits pour:

  • Cadeaux de fete d'anniversaire et decoration
  • Cadeaux d'anniversaire pour hommes et femmes
  • Idees cadeaux pour petit ami, petite amie, soeur, frere, collegues et parents
  • Comme album souvenir pour votre anniversaire ou jubile

Et beaucoup, beaucoup plus ....

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Once Upon an Enchantment: The Wacky Women Series (Book #5) (English Edition) PDF Books

Once Upon an Enchantment: The Wacky Women Series (Book #5) (English Edition)

In the world of Wacky Women, nothing ever goes according to plan!
From one disaster to the next, these women will do anything to find true love.
Heartwarming, hilarious, and unexpectedly poignant,
Fall into laughter while you fall in love.

When enchanting, loveable Meriwyn is kicked out of her pixie tribe weeks before Christmas and forced to live as a human, she goes to work for tough, pragmatic engineer, Reeve Lambert, caring for his motherless children. She cherishes everything about her new life, despite the hilarious mishaps with all things electrical and modern. More than anything, she loves the children almost as much as she loves their sexy father, even though that love is forbidden.

Reeve doesn’t know what to make of adorable Meriwyn. From her odd speech pattern and ability to charm all two- and four-legged creatures, to her confusion over the basics of everyday life, to her innocent passion, she’s become an irreplaceable part of his family. His children want her as a forever mother . . . and so does he.

But Meriwyn can’t do forever, not with a human. And when she discovers Reeve’s actions will unintentionally destroy her home and people, she must choose between the humans and their needs, and the very existence of her tribe. Not that there’s any real choice. If the humans have their way, the pixies will die. Somehow she must stop Reeve without his discovering who she is and where she comes from . . . or that their love can never be.

Note to Readers: Once Upon an Enchantment is Book #5 in The Wacky Women Series, a contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author and eleven-time RITA© (Romance Writers of America) finalist, Day Leclaire. This story features serious crazy, loveable characters of the two- and four-legged variety, a touch lot of wackiness, and a tender sizzling romance between soul mates. Click to buy Once Upon an Enchantment today to experience this laugh-out-loud romance with a whole lot of awwww for yourself!

This book includes a preview of Book #1 in The Wacky Women Series, Once Upon a Cowboy.

Q & A with Day Leclaire:

These books tend to be a bit wackier than your normal romances. What gives? They definitely are, though they still feature the warmth and passion that are hallmarks of all my books. I guess I wrote these at a time in my life when I needed to laugh. Sometimes the darkest moments in life are the ones that cry out the hardest for a bit of wacky to counterbalance the tears.

Can you tell us one interesting detail about this particular book? I wrote this book years ago because I absolutely adore fantasy, whether elves and pixies and fairies, or aliens and science fiction, or shapeshifters and magical beings. Unfortunately, my editor at the time refused to consider publishing it because the heroine was a pixie. I understood, but I’ve always wanted to finish and publish this story. And now I have. It might have taken a few years, but I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

Can you tell me what order to read the books? Absolutely! Here you go:

Book #1: Once Upon a Cowboy
Book #2: Once Upon a Jinx
Book #3: Once Upon a Time
Book #4: Once Upon a Ghost
Book #5: Once Upon an Enchantment

The Wacky Women Series: Humorous Romance, Sexy Romance, and just a touch of Fantasy Romance

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